Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ski Season

I love that there is a season for skiing. Or, is that just in my house? The boys have spent a few days up on the slopes bonding over the magic carpet (no more rope tow!) and the hot chocolate breaks.

last run

the boys

hot chocolate break

His Name Is...

Abe is embracing the role of big bother and we feel so lucky he has adjusted so well to such a major change. There has been one major challenge though: Leo's name. Over the last two months it has become pretty apparent that much like with Abe's name Leo is not necessarily a fan favorite and that it OK with us. The most surprising development though is that the biggest critic of the name is Abe!

Jeff and I spent 9 months "strategically negotiating" a name and after a lot of research, a few tears and a ton of laughter we finally agreed on and notarized (long story there) the name. Unfortunately Abe chose his own name for Leo about a week after we told him he was going to be a big brother. The name is a bit catchy, fits perfectly with his cowboy obsession and after 9 months is still going strong. We keep waiting for it is go away, for Abe to let it go, for the phase to pass, for him stop correcting us whenever we say Leo. IT'S NOT.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Meet Leo. We are so in love with this super smiley little man. Leo arrived just after Christmas and he has been the most perfect addition to our family. He hums, tries to talk and wants to cuddle 24x7. Leo is not such a great sleeper but his chubby little cheeks, humongous tummy, the humming and his baby blue eyes consistently make up for the sleep deprivation. 

Monday, January 21, 2013


This year our Christmas was a whirlwind of activity, we somehow managed to eat three prime rib dinners in three days, trek the Skagit Valley/Seattle route way more than necessary, embrace the role of  a shepherd, squeeze in the Christmas eve carousel ride, relax with family and still have a very merry day.

the shepherd! 

carousel ride

giving the baby hugs

Christmas morning tractor ride

Santa - December

Did I mention Abe's "Butch Picture Phobia" well we thought it was conquered...but apparently Santa Butch is a bit scary so after a lot of negotiation we posed for a family pic. A few weeks later we gave the "Real Santa" a go. Abe was a champ, although Santa did mention his Christmas wish list was the oddest he had heard that day (a lawnmower and a vacuum).

Abe's Christmas Program - December

Can you pick out which one belongs to us? 

I loved  that he waltzes up on stage with his class to rock the Christmas song with his homemade guitar, and cowboy hat on. There were comparisons to Elvis, but I think he looked just like his Dad!

Jingle Bells - December

Abe and I ran in the Jingle Bell run this December - quick pics with his cousins before the run: